Sweet Creek

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More thVignette_18775an thirty years ago, we began to make dulcimers at this place in the woods with a sweet creek running through it.

Our love of music and the sweet dulcimer sounds complimented our love for each other and the natural world in it’s abundance.

Now we are offering to build one for you and it’s our hope, that a sweetcreek dulcimer will bring an abundance of joy and love to your life – just as it’s done for us.







Our uniquely designed sound holes are inspired by wild salmon who make a thousand mile return journey each year to spawn and die in this same sweet creek, where the salmon’s life began.


There’s a time honoured belief that singing for wild salmon helps keep them strong and so, we build that intention into each one of our instruments. A sweetcreek dulcimer will sing for you and for wild salmon throughout life’s journey.